Goal setting


Happy Monday!  At this point in the week, I normally settle into my desk with my tea, open my emails, and begin creating to do lists.  I make them ALL THE TIME.  I make them for work, for social obligations, for grocery lists, for cleaning, for an exercise plan.  I make them ALL THE TIME.  I love putting down one or two things I have already accomplished as nothing gives me greater pleasure than crossing out an item.  What?  I’ve done something already?  Way to go me!

So, yeah.  I might need to reign this in a bit.  Instead of making to do lists for every aspect of my life, I am thinking it might make sense to make short term and long term goals with objective listed to meet those goals.

For example a goal would be to cook 3 healthy at home meals this week.  I’m eyeing tonight, Thursday and Sunday as my target dates.  Jeez, we have a lot of dinners planned out already it seems.  So – at the grocery today, I would need to get materials that can be shared for all three meals.  I’m thinking like this:

Salmon, rice and salad tonight

Leftover salad for chicken Caesars on Thursday

And leftover chicken for stew on Sunday (I’ve had my eye on this recipe: http://www.canyoustayfordinner.com/2010/10/25/hearty-chicken-stew/)

A good, doable goal.  I’ll just have to wait a few more days before crossing it off……




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